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Hoi! ik zal me even voorstellen

written in 2021: “Hi! let me introduce myself” is a four part painting series.
I think the great thing about art is that no matter how you look at it, the art you make will always in some way be a self-portrait or a reflection of who you are and how you feel at that moment. I'm trying to take this one step further.
For me, art is an expression of who I am and how my brain works, but also a distraction and a way out of the fixed world.
I dropped out of school for the second year in a row this year. Because with my ADD and general mindset I just don't fit into the school system. I use the time that I saved from this to be as creative as possible and to get to know myself better and to unravel my “problems” little by little. In every work I try to detach myself from my insecurities or outside opinions and make only the purest form of myself. Every work I make is a viewable step in the gigantic project that is life. With every creation I try to “throw myself naked on the table” in such a way that you can experience my process in a way. This project will probably not be finished.
I also presented this project at Kunstbende at the time and won 3rd place in Brabant with it. The video of this can be viewed below.

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