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I'm Mees, I'm an 18 year old artist from Breda. My passion for creativity started at a young age but has grown exponentially in recent years. On instagram it started with self-made photo collages in 2018. The following year, the name “spacegambler” came from a random word generator and in 2020 I started drawing every day. In that year, 13 drawing books went through. In 2020 I also found a new side of this passion for the first time. Around September of that year I released my first t-shirt, after which many more followed. At the beginning of 2021, painting was also added to this mix of creative hobbies. I dropped out at school and completely surrendered to this no longer hobby but passion. In a few months I grew from painting in my room to my own studio and then my first exhibition. For me, social media has always gone hand in hand with my creative expressions, some will still know me from MonocleMees my surprisingly successful eyewear project on instagram. Where I got a big kick in the right direction and the start of a platform. The combination of all this created this, my own website. I made all the designs, I did all the research, I will pack all the packages myself and I will send them myself. I am proud to be able to do all of this and to give “spacegambler” a meaning.

-Mees written in 2021

Photo by Matheus Longhini

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